Quantity of Cherry Trees: 7,200 units (approx)      Area: 23 Ha. (57 Acres) approx     Price: 3.5M Euros    Value of Wood (in 14yrs): > 32.8 Million Euros

Unique Investment opportunity in a European Cherry hardwood plantation, planted in the Spring of 2005, situated in an idylic location due to its natural beauty, moderate climate, and proximity to the sea. This priviledged location is the area of Spain bordering the North Atlantic Ocean in the Autonomous Region of Cantabria, where irrigation is not required. The farm layout is primarily on the side of a hill, which provides for magnificent views as well as natural drainage. This relatively untouched area is 15 minutes from the city of Torrelavega, 35 minutes from local capital of Santander, and 454 km from Madrid, the capital of Spain.

The plantation is in an area renowned for its natural beauty.  It rests 13km from the fabulous beaches of the Cantabrian Sea and within a 1 hour drive from the majestic mountain range called Picos de Europa, and minutes from picturesque Cantabrian tourist destinations such as Comillas and San Vicente de la Barquera. It is surrounded by rural farms that produce many varieties of fruit, vegetables, milk and meat products. The property has ample space for raising various types of livestock in conjunction with growing the cherry trees. The land is fertile and the grass is abundant.

The Cherry trees grow tall ( currently > 5 meters high) and robust and have a high degree of yearly growth due the moderate climate of the area. It is a great investment with a higher than average rate of return 12.8% 1987-2015. European cherry hardwood is a quality hardwood highly prized by furniture makers, and increasingly scarce worldwide. Go to the investment calculations section for more information on the value of cherry wood.

To enlarge, please click on the following pictures of the plantation taken on May of 2013: